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I went through the www.lonestarttrackdays.com school. It was like nothing I have ever done before. You will never know what your bike can do until you get it on a track.

Things I learned that helped the most:

Relax your upper body. Don't fight the bike to make it turn.

Don't hold your breath

Look further ahead of you than just your entry/exit points.

Find immovable refrence points for every turn of the track. Don't use cones because they get moved. Ask me how I know.

For a begginer, you will be faster to set your entry speed before you get turned into a corner. Trail braking is good, but is very advanced technique. I went faster and smoother with preset plan of speed for each corner.

Off camber turns are tricky! The map of Motor Sport Ranch does not show how hard the track really is.

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