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Last year i got into a rugged accident
bent my subframe, gastank, and cracked my front fairing mounting brakate along with the other common fairings that would break in this sort of accident.

Since then i have replaced everything new subframe and tail fairing
but i was able to switch out my old undertray

everythings back together looking like a bike once again
And a fawK!|\| Nice bike at that

Theirs only one thing it wont start
i tried giving it a jumpstart
when i put the key to on i hear a clicking comming from the battery seat compartment its not comming from the fues box or the ecu or the battery

WHen a r6 is dropped badly is their some sort of fues that i have to replace to get it started again or some sort of a engine kill switch that has been triggerd for safety reasons

ime not sure if my 02 r6 has one and or where it even is located

right now ime hopeing its just my battery and ime waiting for my new one
is their anything else it might be

I have to get some ridding in this summer
so far its just been repair repair repair
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