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First one at the lights

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Bare with me here guys but just like the title said, it's just my luck but everytime when I need to make a left turn at the intersection I always end up being first inline in the left turning lane. And of course the green arrows never comes on because I didn't drive onto the pad right or not enough weight to activate the light sequence. I've tried rolling back and forth just to make sure I hit the pad (rectange area on the pavement) but it still doesn't do it.

How do you guys get around this problem? Thanks in advance.

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I just run it, some cops understand some don't, otherwise you'll have to buy a light sensor.
I usually pull up real far and then make the car behind me move up so he can make the damn thing change. Where I live I think that cops look for that crap I have seen to many people get pulled over.
Touch your keckstand down on the strip.
You could find you a 400lb bitch to ride on the back. :cuss
yup, you could put it in neutral and kick your kickstand down to trip the magnetic sensor. or you could get this item, signal tripper, click on link. its from tricktape.com.
Nice find, that aggrervates the shit out of me. I am considering geting one, anyone got it to say if it works or not.
Thanks for all the tips!

-Running the lights...hummm thought about that a few times. I'll keep that as an option.

-As far as the 400 lbs bitch... hummm.. only if it was 200 lbs on each :boob . Nahhhh..... too much stress on the bike :hammer

-The maget gadget, that's the ticket.... For under $10, hell ya!

-As for the kick stand, I'll try that until the magnet arrives.

Thanks again, as always, you guys are great!

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If you are from MN read this. Posted about a week ago. Lets you legally run that red light.
Hopefully other states will follow

Some of the sensors to trip the light are pressure sensitive so that magnetic thing wont work either.
Luckily I've only had this issue happen once while I was riding last season. The bitch was that I was heading to a group ride and it was around 8AM (weekend) so there weren't many cars on the road. I came to a light and must have seen the damn thing change 2-3 times before I said screw it and ran the damn thing.

And whoever suggested a 400lb bitch... thats just wrong. :hammer
i got the signal changer and like it says on in the booklet that comes with it, it doesn't work for every light. some are magnetic and others aren't. what i usually do is a small stoppie just incase its a pressure sensor and let the magnet do its thing if its not...if neither one of these work then i just go straight and bust a U-turn (or run the light, depending on where i am at and if there is a cop in the area) when i pull out of my neightborhood i almost all ways turn right then turn around because i cant seem to trip the light during the day (at night i can trip it every time i come up to it :?: )
I hate it when that happens, such a pain in the ass. When I took the MSF class, my instructor actually told us that the best advice he could give us was to run it if it goes through two rotations and doesn't change. I had been told that the magnetic strips and all the light sensors were a waste of money, that they didn't work. I just wait for no traffic and run them.
The reason they don't work is because the magnetic strip is suppse to detect large amounts of metal and then assume its a car. Well bike frame is a lot smaller then then car frame so if its not to busy I usally treat it as a stop sign and just go when its safe.
I get stuck at lights all the time, ill usually just run over and hit the crosswalk button, then get back on. Works liek a charm. :drink Ive gotten some funny looks from people wondering why the **** i did it.
LINK80Reid said:
I get stuck at lights all the time, ill usually just run over and hit the crosswalk button, then get back on. Works liek a charm. :drink Ive gotten some funny looks from people wondering why the **** i did it.
I bet
I just ordered the trick tape today. Costed 10 bucks shipped, i think its well worth it if it actually works.
I tried the kickstand thing and that did not work how ever getting off the bike and pushing the cross walk sign worked great got some weird looks but at least the light changed. Sometimes if the person behind me is real impatient I will put down the kick stand and just stand there for a minute getting a break then get on and ride off. People get mad to easy :hammer
Don't you hate that, especially when it says no turn on red :cuss
If it does two cycles and I don't get a green...I run it.
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