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First Time To a Track!!

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I am kicking myself for not taking a camera. Man it was incredible. I went to the Hallet racing track about 20 minutes from where I live just too watch a trackday with a friend of mine. They had three different groups running: novice intermediate and advanced. It was pretty cool just to see the bikes in action. The guys running in the advanced section where bad as hell. I can't wait to get on a track.

Funny story there was a yamaha bike- one of those dirtbikes with track tires on it, it has a name but I can't remember that had a pretty badass driver on it that lapped a guy on gsxr1000 twice. Had to feel pretty bad getting lapped by a dirtbike.
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Track days are fun!!! I think I'm turning into a track head myself. Trust me, it'll change how you look at street riding.
Jay I'm with you.... I can't wait for a track day.... just need the whole winter to save up the $ for equipment so I can get on the track...
congrats you've made it past your first track day without dumpin it!!! lol'

you know wha thtey say, "if you've never dropped it, you've never truely rode it."
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