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Flo Command or Power Command???? Help??

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is flo command and power command the same thing? please clairify. thanks
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they are not the same but serve to accomplish the same goal. The FC is to carbed bikes as the PCIII is to FI bikes. They both allow you to tune the amount of fuel being delivered and with the FC, you can also sync your carbs a hell of alot easier if I remember their website correctly.
Pen. Yes that is true and 100% correct.

I have the FLO-COMMANDER on my 02 r6 and WOW it works great. i reccoment it to everyone with a carbed bike.

GREAT customer service and even better product
if u have a 99- 02 u need flo, if its 03-04 u need PCIII
where can i get one and how much do it usually run?>
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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