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flush mount signal issue

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Any help with this would be great...im afraid i have a bigger problem than i thought

I installed flush mount front signals and they were working fine but when i started the my 05 r6 i noticed the headlights and tail light was not working. i changed the fuse and the headlight and tail light were back to working. after i did that the new flush mounts quit working but the rear signals do work. if i take the headlight fuse back out the front signals go back to working fine. Im not sure where to go from here and im trying to avoid a shop...lol
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Whats it do when you put your stock ones back in?
I dont have the stock signals....when i bought the bike the guy who had it took them out and was going to get the flush mounts but didnt end up getting them i left his house and forget them there...the wiring was all still stock i had to cut the plug off in order to wire the flush mounts becuase these dont have 3 wires like the stock plug did.
sounds like a grounding fault or short to me... recommend getting flushies with 3 wire... or a proper relay to control the current ones
who makes your flush mounts?
I would have to look at the package which is at home right now but i was just looking at the hotbodies flush mounts and they look identicle to what i bought...although i dont think mine are hotbodies must be just a off brand or something i bought i bought on ebay
Did you ever figure out what the problem was or what brand it is? I'm thinking of getting some hotbodies flush mounts and am wondering if I'll run into the same issue.
I just came in from the garage...with good news.
My flush mounts have 2 wires so i wasnt expecting to have running lights well i ran in to that problem mentioned above and let it sit for a couple days. i just went out and completely started over...but i did nothing different i wired it the exact way i did to start with and now all is working fine and i also have running lights on the flush mounts. I dont have running lights on the rear signals but i do on the front (not worried about that tho) headlight and tail light work all signals work ready for inspection the april of 2007 inspection didnt work out well at the road block i went through...lol
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