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for those who are interested (06/07 exhaust on a 99 R6)

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hi there

i know this mod can be done on an 03 R6 but i posted a thread last week to see if anyone had done this mod to a 99-02 R6 but i got no response so i figured nobody had (or didnt know if it could be done) so i decided to just go ahead and try anyway.

i bought the 06/07 exhaust off ebay for £26 which is brand new and had only covered 100 miles in total (absolute bargain for a titanium can :nocontrol) with not a mark onit,mint.

i then set about working out how to fit it which is a little tricky considering it wasnt designed for this bike but nothing that i dont think anybody with a little common sence and knowhow couldnt deal with.

first of all obviously i had to remove my old can and pipe so i could get an idea of how it would fit and look,then i had to cut off the exup valve from the 06/07 exhaust becouse this is useless on any bike before an 06,its actually not as easy as i thought it would be cutting this off,titianium is verrry strong stuff!!

then once that was done i had to get a 3" long piece of stainless steel pipe from a local tyre spot outlet fabricated and flaired to slip over the 06 exhaust and my "Y" pipe under the bike as the pipe diameter on the 99 r6 is the same diameter as the 06 pipe (2") then i sealed both ends that were being covered/joined with the 3" fab,d pipe with exhaust putty and finally fastened both ends up with jubilee clips for a tight secure finnish.

then once the exhaust was fitted to the bike i fastened the 06 black flange cover to the exhaust can to cover the fabricated join point nicely then set about making a simple bracket that would hold the exhaust can securely so it wouldnt vibrate or bounce around whilst riding,i basicly used a 2" length of stainless steel plate with a hole drilled in either end,one hole fastened to the mounting point on the 06 exhaust,the other hole mounted to the bolt behind my rearset that hold the heelplate in,job done.

and finally,i think the trickiest bit realy was having to cut and shape the plastic fairing that go over the exhaust where the pipe exits near the swingarm,there is realy only a small amount of cutting and sanding needs to be done to make it look nice and fitted,then after that i fastened the bottom fairing back to the bike and stood back and admired,,it may not be everyones cup of tea but personally i dont like those big long cans stook on the side of bikes im much more GP/underseat style kind of guy :toocool:!!

i hope i didnt bore you too much with this thread,i just thought if anyone with a 99-02 R6 was interested in doing this mod but was maybe unsure how to go about it then this is how its done :YEA.


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Looks good, well done.
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