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fourm stickers for sale

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Support the forum by buying a sticker or two. They are 8" inches long and about 1" tall. I can get them in blue, black, red, white, silver, orange, green and purple.

All proceeds from this is going to be directed back into this site. I have been trying to get the money together to get a flash intro page made up.
Price is only $4! Red, blue, gold and silver chrome can also be made. These chrome decals will cost more. If there is intrest in them I can get a price for you.

If you can't afford the $4, maybe if you come up with a way to get more members here or another way to advertise the site, I can work something out. I can accept paypal, or you can mail me the money. I have 8 of blue, white and silver that can be shipped today. After those are gone I will be able to ship them in about 1 week.

Here is the silver on my bike: :mrgreen:

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can you get them in the same red color as the 03 l.e. ?
I can get red. I have not see the sticker next to an actual Red R6. But I am sure it would be close. If you are unsure I would go with black or white.
I'll send you $10 for 2 silver ones. The extra $2 can go towards the flash page you want to do. I know it's not much but my impending doom, er, wedding, is coming up in about a month and a half and I got a ton a things yet to pay for. Thank god for a new job. I might just be able to afford it yet.....

PM me with your address.......
Just trying to bump this thread back to the top. I hope I get more takers than this.

Don't forget to click the "vote for me" link on the home page. The site is currently ranked #25. If we slip to 27, we will not be on the first page any more. The site has got 315 clicks to here from that board.


DJ1298 :mrgreen:
Hey DJ,
What about us in the UK. I have PayPal but how much with P&P in Dollars,
Billy :drink
If you want a sticker, just send me an e mail with number and colors. Then I can send you a request for money via paypal or you can mail me the money.

As for overseas people, if I send a request for american dollars, the paypal will do the conversion for you.
They're also really easy to work with. I just warmed up the surface I was going to put them on (AOG suggests a min temp of 60-70 degrees) since it was a bit chilly here tonight, then warmed up the sticker to make it a bit more pliable, pulled off the backing tape, put it on, smooth it out to remove bubbles and vioala! Sweet stickers stuck to my hugger! :boob
dj1298, I'd like to get 2 chrome? Possible? PM with your addy so I can snail mail the loot to ya :mrgreen:
Wish we could still get the stickers
e-mail sent dj
do you have a detailed picture of the sticker?
^You guys only missed this thread by about a 1 and 1/2 years. :moon
z31maniac said:
^You guys only missed this thread by about a 1 and 1/2 years. :moon

^^^^^^^^^^^^ :stupic :poke
Yoda is workin on hookin us up with some stickers. apparently he's just gotta drive his lazy ass over to somebody's house an get em! you should PM Yoda all day long asking for the stickers :twisted:
I suppose it's better late then never...Anyone have some pics of these stickers? I'm totally down with buying them to support the forum, but I just like to know what I'm buying...

Yeah up for getting some nice stickers :cheers just wanna see some pics and know how much they are going to cost really :mrgreen: The R6 will look nice with a Forum sticker slapped on her... and im English and will that be a problem for payment?

Cheers Joelhope
Yeah what is the price for two matching Red Chrome stickers that will match the "R6" that is on the nose cowl on the Black/Red 03?? PM me and I will Pay pal right away
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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