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your idiocy knows no bounds. :thumbdown
Why would you replace an undamaged seal? You understand what distillates are, correct?
Also this advice is for standard, unmodified forks. Units with custom cartridges, shim stacks, valving or coatings require more attention to detail.
Of course you would not understand this.
Have you qualified to ride in any Orgs expert group yet?
You could tech yourself in at Jennings GP as an expert and then we can wager on how many sessions you ride until Race Control bumps you down to intermediate for being a chicane. :D
You are just putting out words like they mean something specific. "distillates" in the context of kerosene refers to fractions of crude oil that distill off at different temperatures and NOT "a cleaner for forks". Kerosene can leach through various polymers (in this case seals) disrupting structural integrity at the molecular level. So please explain why kerosene should be used for cleaning forks?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts