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I've been noticing more that when I go over a bump or get on the throttle at lower speeds I can hear a slight knocking sound coming from somewhere in the front end. Not sure exactly where. I'm very new to bikes, bikes terminology and part names. Any help is appreciated.

- pics, very basic info... hold my hand alittle :lmao:lmao

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Well, this is a strange one!
Are you hearing it or feeling it??
Cos when i bought my new 06 R6 i kept hearing the same thing. In the end, it was the plastics over the front wheel and under and around the front suspension. My dealer had to spray them a couple of times with some silicone and it just seemed to stop. WHich was good cos it was really loud, over every single little bump and fu**ing anoying.
So i'd check that out first before you start messing with suspension.!!!
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