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FS: 05 R6 Track plastics & Tank.

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pics of the plastics and tank please. any damage? What company track plastics are they?

maxsawicky @comcast.net
PM replied.

I'll get pics as soon as I can!
please post pics if deal does not go through.
please post pics if deal does not go through.
I will be taking pics tonight.

I have someone local interested and messaged me first and then Daredevil got me me 2nd.

What part of so cal are you in?
Here's a link to the pics

Also they are hotbodies body works. The box we were given was the actual box they were sold in.. Never noticed it before.. Like I said.. They were hers so I didn't pay any attention to it. :)


Also if someone local pics em up, I'll throw in the stock muffler for 25 bux.
He said he's coming tonight at 8:30 with Cash..

If he flakes I'll let ya know..
Sorry all.. The guy came last night..

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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