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I am parting out a complete 2007 R6. I did my best to itemize everything but I am sure there are some odds and ends I am missing. Therefore if you don't see something listed and there is a specific part you need please ask. While I have a lot of assemblies priced as individual parts, If you need the entire assembly (ie. the entire front end like forks and triple tree) I can work with you on pricing that as a full assembly. I also have some odd and end parts laying around that I didn't feel were worth listing (ie gaskets, spare parts etc) so again if there is something specific you need just ask.

Any part you are interested in let me know and I will send you detailed photos of those parts. I didn't want this thread to be an ever scrolling page of photos so I kept the listed photos to a min.

All prices do not include shipping. Local Pickup is available for the Philly / NJ regions.

Forks (Set)
Fork Service and new chrome tubes ~10k miles ago
Triple Tree Lower$100
Triple Tree Upper$50With key module and key
Left Handlebar$70Includes Switches
Right Handlebar$70Includes Switches and throttle Cables
Front Brake Master Cylinder$100Includes reservoir
Front Calipers$150
Stock Front Brake Lines$15
Clutch Cable$10
Foot Pegs ( Left and Right)$60Stock Footpeg assembly powder coated black.
Passenger Pegs$30Stock Passenger pegs powder coated black
Shift Shaft / Lever$25
Side Stand$25Powder coated black
Rear Brake Master Cylinder$35Includes stock brake line and reservoir
Rear Brake Caliper$40Includes mounting bracket
Rear Shock$75
Rear Shock Linkage brackets$25
Swingarm$60Includes chain guard
Subframe with Battery Tray$160
Frame with Title$1000
Engine Block with Internals$600Local Pick Up Only
Complete Cylinder Head$150Needs Valve work done on Exhaust side. Valves pounded into seats. Comes with brand new head gasket
Valve Cover$45Includes brand new gasket. Comes with Agg Block off Plates
Ignition Coils$60Set of 4
Throttle Bodies$130Includes Fuel Rail and injectors
Airbox$50Includes lid with injectors, BMC Non-Race Air Filter
Engine Heat Shield$10
OEM Exhaust$85Includes Brand New Gaskets
Yoshimura Slip-On$80
Radiator with Fans$90
Coolant Reservoir Bottle$15
Fuel Tank (Does not include Fuel Pump)$150There is a small dent on right side from when previous owner knocked against work bench. Color of tank is also not OEM Candy Red. Had it painted to better match after market fairings. DOES NOT INCLUDE FUEL PUMP
Headlight Assembly$80
Headlight Fairings OEM$70Left and Right Headlight Fairings OEM Candy Red. Does not include mounting tabs, bushings or collars
Aftermarket Fairing Set$100There is some sun fade on these fairings which turned areas from red to more of an orange. Does not include tank fairing unless you don't mind one of the underside mounting points is missing. The Black side fairings are cut to fit woodcraft frame sliders.
OEM Tank Fairing$35Candy Red. Does not include mounting tabs, bushings or collars
OEM Front Tire Fender$50Candy Red. Does not include mounting tabs, bushings or collars
OEM Left / Right Upper side fairings$45Candy Red. Does not include mounting tabs, bushings or collars
OEM Under tail fairing$20Candy Red. Does not include mounting tabs, bushings or collars. Some minor dings and stone chips. The biggest mark is from a poorly designed license plate bracket which touched the tail fairing.
Front Fairing Stay Bracket$35
Front Air Duct with Air Temp Sensor$10
Rear Tire Hugger$20
Meter (~42100 miles)$125
Main Wire Harness$80
Sub-Wire Harness$30
Flush Mount Turn Signals$10
Rectifier w/ mounting bracket$50
Rear Brake Light Switch$15
Side Stand Switch / Cover$15
ECU$150Flashed by Bauce Racing. Minor Fuel/Air mixture adjustments for smoother power delivery, Rad Fans come on sooner, Exhaust valve delete etc.
Left / Right Mirrors$15Some Scuff Marks on left mirror
Main Seat$25
Passenger Seat$15
Rear Seat Lock$10
Woodcraft Frame Sliders$40These require cutting
Woodcraft Rear Axle Spools$15
Rear Axle$15
Front Axle$15
Air intake cover$10This is the cover piece that slides between the frame below the air box that directs air into the airbox. Not sure the official name
Stock Levers$20
Shermato Levers$25There is some sun fade on these and a light rash on the clutch lever end
Front Rim with Rotors$100SOLD
Rear Rim with Rotor$100Will remove rubber prior to shipping, unless you want the rubber.
Sprocket Carrier$40
Front Sprocket Cover Guard and guide$20
520 Chain and sprockets$90Listing this in case someone does not mind buying used chain and sprockets. It's stock gearing with steel Driven Sprockets and a 520 EK MVXZ gold chain. There is only about 3k miles on them. I have an extra Master Link.

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Engine Block and Head / Radiator and Exhaust


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Yea west chester pa, are you going to Hooters in kop tonight? How much for rubber with rim?
$100. Rim comes with brake rotors. Not charging for the rubber. Just a matter of removing it if you didn't want it. There is still life on it and should be within 5 years of the sidewall date.

I won't be in KOP tonight. I can meet you Saturday early afternoon though.
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