Selling original OEM factory parts taken from a brand new Yamaha R6 2020 that was being converted to a race bike. Below are each item and their price(s).
Automotive design Sculpture Fender Automotive exterior Art

Under cowling near belly pan (Right & Left) - $150
Images: Items: BN6-28395-00, BN6-28385-00

V-shaped cowling near belly pan - $30
Images: Items: BN6-2836K

Front seat - $60 / rear seat - $60 (SOLD!) - Both / $110
Images: Items: YBN6, Y2CR

Front fairing complete set including light assembly, control unit, air duct, windshield and running lights - $600 - SOLD!
Parts from this set can be sold separately as well. Comment and I will give you a price for specific item(s).
Images: Items: BN6-Y283G-U0-P1, BN6-28381-10, BN6-84302-00, BN6-84301-00, BN6-2830A-00, BN6-84300-00, 2PP-85490-00

Rear cover side (wings) - $80 / both - SOLD!
Images: Items: BN6-W2172-60-P1, BN6-W2171-60-P1

Mirror turn signals - $150 / both: - SOLD!
Material property Cable Font Wire Auto part
Automotive design Tints and shades Bicycle part Personal protective equipment Sculpture

Items: BN6-26290-00, BN6-26280-00

Panel cowling right - $175:
Automotive design Automotive exterior Auto part Fashion accessory Carbon
Automotive design Automotive exterior Tints and shades Art Wood
Hood Automotive lighting Window Vehicle Carbon

Items: BN6-2835V-00, BN62117W-00

Panel cowling left (little damage) - $100:
Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Wood Metal
Hood Automotive design Eyewear Automotive exterior Bumper
Hood Automotive design Car Carbon Personal luxury car

Items: BN6-2835U-0, BN6-2117V-00

Front cowling near steering - $40 / both: - SOLD!
Wood Grey Font Art Pattern

Items: BN6-2837M, BN6-2837L

Items will be shipping at fixed price of $30. If you are interested in more items then you only pay same shipping price for all of them. For more images of a specific item, just write a comment.