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FS 2006 Yamaha R6 painted

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Ok I'm posting this again.
Custom paint, GYTR solo seat, GYTR rear spools, Vortex mirror blocks, JT sprockets 520, EK 520 red chain, Hot Bodies flush mounts, Fender eliminator, Galfer steel braided brake lines red, CRG shorty rolla click, Puig double bubble smoke windscreen, red neons, neon programmer, never dropped, all stock parts, oil changed religiously. 19,000mi. 7500
I have alot of time into this bike. If your not interested then please move on. I don't need negative comments.

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Nice bike. free bump
To answer a pm that was sent and can't answer for some reason?
I can't take payments, sorry. That's what happened before on this bike, and I almost got screwed worse that what I did.....Thanks for the interest though.
if the girl comes with the bike then i'll get it :fact
if the girl comes with the bike then i'll get it :fact
I'll hook it up! A photo shoot for this bike is set-up for the 15th.....stay tuned.
this sounds silly but would you consider a trade for your 848...sorry im not posting in your 848 section...i have both a s2r800 monster and a 05 r6 track bike...i could trade you both or one plus cash or somethig
Sorry I just want to get rid of one bike. I don't need more taking up my shop. lol Sorry but I do appreciate the offer.
if u want to get rid of it u could always just leave it outside and let me know when your doin it :fact j/k :D
Wow!! First can I say that it is an awesom looking bike, nice work bro. Second, $7500 is a steal for that bike, what a great price. If I had the money for an extra bike I would certainly pick it up.

Bump for a great bike and an even better price.
Damn beautiful bike, and a great price.

Wow, 19,000 miles. Good on ya mate. My 06 r6 had 22k on it before this bastard stole it.

And for anybody wondering mine ran awesome at 22k. Take care of your bike and it will run great.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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