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FS - 2008 - R6 - Cadmium Flames - $5000 - 7500 miles - Omaha, NE

***SOLD (for $4000 if anyone was wondering)

I'm currently selling my 2008 Yamaha R6 that has around 7500 miles. I want to start by saying that this bike has NEVER been abused, wheelied, raced, and has hardly EVER been past 8k RPMs. I always shift at 4-6k RPMs, and it's hardly ever been red-lined. It is used mainly as a commuter from home/school when the weather's nice out. It was rarely ever taken past 70 mph.

I'll start with the bad:
The bike has been dropped on its left and right side, ever so slightly (I probably took more of the damage trying to break the fall) -- the damage is purely cosmetic. You'd be have to be at least a feet away from the bike to notice the marks. Also, the bike has been in a very slight front end collision (less than 10 mph). I have pictures of the before and after of the incident if interested. The title is clean, and the damage was purely cosmetic (it was very light damage). You would've never have known unless the accident was mentioned (it's all been repaired).

Now the good:
There are absolutely NO mechanical problems with this bike, whatsoever. I took the title from the original owner at 6000 miles and have put roughly 1500 miles on it. When I bought the bike @ 6k miles, it was stock. It now has the following done to it:

-New tires, front and rear (roughly 800 miles on them)
-MJS stainless steel headers
-GYTR slip-on exhaust
-Hotbodies windscreen
-Frame sliders/rear swing arm spools
-BauceRacing ECU flash with race idle, custom fuel-mapped to the mods I have for the bike, and specifically tuned for the throttle to be more smoother and responsive on the street (I have a list of all the things that were changed)
-AGG Racing block offs (no popping on deceleration)
-Fender eliminator
-Integrated front turn signals
-5000k HIDs
-EXUP unit removal
-Removed the smog stuff from under the tank when I installed the block offs
-Brake fluids topped off
-Protective Tank pad thing to prevent scratching on tank from belt buckles

I bought this bike thinking I would keep it forever, but my priorities have changed. I have previously owned an 09 R6 (amongst several other bikes) so I can say that this R6 pulls harder than ANY stock R6 out there. I've personally installed all of the aforementioned mods, and do all the maintenance on all my bikes, by myself (besides balancing tires on rims, Dillon brothers does my tire changes).

I am asking $5000 OBO. Not looking for trades. I am looking to get out of the crotch rocket world. Feel free to make an offer, the worst I could say is no. If you have ANY questions whatsoever, I'd be more than happy to answer them. Please PM on here and if you're interested, I'll get back to you with my cell #.


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Good luck on sale. Maybe you should go out and take it it past 8k rpm, maybe then youd change your mind about selling it :)
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