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I have a "BRAND NEW" complete 520 kit leftover that i never used. It was originally pieced together for a 2004 R6. I know for a fact it will fit all second generation R6's (03-05) and also the newer style R6S (06-08) The sprockets are both steal, not alluminum... so no chipping off teeth!

The kit includes:
1 DID X-Ring Chain (Gold/Black)
1 49 Tooth SunStar Rear Sprocket (Metal)
1 15 Tooth AFAM Front Sprocket (Metal)

[PAID $235 for the kit, Asking $200.]


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Yo man, I tell you what....I don't know if you've seen or not, but I just had a bad meeting with an Excursion or Expedition or some stoopid oversized Ford truck this past weekend. Anyway, after insurance crap and all that's taken care of I might have some extra cash left over...if that's the case I'll buy this from you on one condition:

What's -1, +1 do for me? What if I got another kit that was -2, 0? Or 0, +2? Would those be the same? I dunno man...educate me so I know what I'm buyin'...sell me on the idea...and we'll see what we can make happen!


ps - were you really mad when you read my aluminum's not metal post? :gay :hehe
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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