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This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to get into the HID market. I have done this for quite some time now (Since before Krypton went full retard) and it really is a fantastic opportunity. Bottom line is this: my day job is sucking up every last second of my time not already consumed by 4 kids, and I'm trying to buy a larger house so that said children don't kill each other/drive me insane. I need the money worse than I need the HIDs.

Let me be clear. This post is NOT intended to sell 2 or 12 or 22 kits. I am looking to sell a MINIMUM of 150 kits, or a maximum of approx 300 kits. This is an opportunity to run your own HID business, OR to supplement your current HID inventory.

These kits were made to my specifications specifically for me after LOTS of painstaking experience with HIDs.

All kits are 35W, Slim, Digital AC ballasts that are CANBUS ready, have over/under protection for voltage, current AND temperature. They have resistors internally to eliminate "bulb out" warning lights.
I have quick harnesses AND full relay harnesses and all bulbs are 6000K Diamond White.
I have been offering these kits with a lifetime warranty on the ballast and 30day DOA warranty on the bulbs. --if you know anything about HIDs, you'll know that this is a STRONG warranty, and I have only had to make about 1 claim per 100 ballasts. This is a VERY low fail rate.
There are over 1000 of these kits in the field and some have been running over 5 years.

These are NOT ebay-cheapo kits. These will NOT be cheaper than ebay kits.
My largest customers have been Ag parts stores and they have been buying these at or over $200/kit.
These are going retail for $70-90/kit.

I am looking to sell them at my COST (I won't post that here as there are some very good vendors on the forum that may prefer that cost not be advertised. Please PM me for pricing and quantity you wish to buy... I would like to sell ALL that I have.

Most of the kits are 880, 9004/7 (bi xenon and single) 9005, 9006, and H4 (bi)
I have a few other odds and ends, and several "bulb-only" pairs that I use for warranty.

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