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Edit... Sold

For sale is my Hyperpro Damper for the current gen R6. Very lightly used, perfect condition. Will come with all necessary mounting hardware. Save over buying new!

$375 shipped to continental U.S. (Retail price is over $500 new). Please send PayPal as a gift or add 3% for fees.

Here are some of the details from their site:

Hyperpro's RSC "Active" valving means that as steering speed increases, the damping automatically increases. Our "Active" technology is far beyond what any conventional aftermarket damper offers, and is a Hyperpro exclusive.

Dust scraper and double (preloaded) oil seal, ensuring that dust cannot enter and oil cannot exit the damper at any time.

Damping can be adjusted in a wide range, divided in 22 positions.


This ensures that the clamping force of the tube-clamp does not obstruct the piston.

Gas pressure prevents the forming of air bubbles. Oil expansion due to temperature changes is compensated by the reservoir and does not influence damper performance.

Providing perfect alignment through the slide bearings and no excessive force on the piston.

8mm hard chromed piston rod with special surface treatment and special piston ring for smooth movement.
Active (RSC)

(Reactive Speed Control)
The HyperPro RSC is the only active valving damper available. As steering speed increases, the internal valving changes automatically to increase the damping effect. This results in a light, easy handling ride at low speeds while still keeping the heavy damping during extreme situations
Damping can be adjusted in a wide range, divided in 22 positions. This results in a smooth, light and easy handling at low speeds combined with heavy damping that AUTOMATICALLY kicks in during extreme situations. No other aftermarket company offers anything even close, a Hyperpro Exclusive feature found only on the RSC damper.
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