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Took em off early for some michelins 2ct for the track. They have about 400 miles on em or so. Cant remember exactly but they are in good shape.

Actually my brother ran a set of the same tires at jennings and they ran fine. I mean they were cooked by the end of the day, but he had no problems. And it was hot out and jennings is known for eating tires :fact

Anyways Im looking for $150 + shipping for both. Brand new will run you about 240+ (+shipping) and these tires have plenty of life in them. Most of it was breaking the bike in.

Support a brotha!

My cell is 321-289-8261 if you have any questions. If I dont answer leave a message and Ill get back to you. My zip from where they will be shipped is 32754. My sincere apologies in advance...but shipping is a bitch nowadays for everything.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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