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FS: T-Tuner midpipe

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I have a brand new T-Tuner mid pipe that i am selling because i have a race header now and no longer need it i am asking 140. shipped.


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Dude you can buy them on ebay for $135 shipped brand new.
i did buy it off ebay and its 145. this is the t-tuner pipe the pipe on ebay for 135 is a no name pipe.
this mid pipe is brand new i am just trying to get what i paid for it or close to it. on ebay this mid pipe goes for 145 plus tax, i will accept all fair offers.
you think you would have to run a PC3 with this .. i got dibs if you dont have to
I dont run a PCIII and have it... but the exhaust gets way loud. sometimes i have to wear ear plugs.. just on the right side though
I stand corrected, he must have raised his price since I bought mine. I'm running a t-tuner with a gutted header, and BMC filter, and I don't have a t-tuner
im not trying to snap at any one or anything, im new on the forum and bought the midpipe but then someone i knew was selling a race header so i bought it now i just wanna get rid of the t-tuner, im asking a fair price it is brand new never even mounted it or anything.if you need more pics let me know i just got it in the mail yesterday
i read allota posts on the forum and from what i gather as long as you keep your O2 hooked up you dont need a PPIII,but you will gain a few extra hp and fine tune your bikes performance with it. im not gonna be running a pp3 when i get my mjs header either
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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