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I have a soft modded Wii for sale. Comes with Console, stand, power cable, a/v cable, wireless sensor, wiimote, sd card with homebrew software, and external hard drive with cable. Only thing wrong is one side of the top door it broke, but it still opens and closes. Asking $325 shipped.

Homebrew Channel
-you can load emulators so you can download other systems games like gamecube, nintendo, etc.
-play game demos (not wii game demos)
-download games (not wii games but games like pong)
-download other custom programs and utilities

WiiMC Channel
-Play regular DVD's and CD's in your Wii
-attach an external hard drive with music or movies and watch/listen to them
-has internet radio
-Picture Viewer
-online media support for SHOUTcast, youtube
-much more just google WiiMC

CFG Channel
-This is lets you play the wii Games that are loaded on the included external hard drive (see list below)
-you can also copy games that you have to the hard drive (keeps you from having to load disc to play) Easy as starting CFG, inserting the game and pressing "+" on the remote. THAT"S IT.
-download covers for games you have copied


Games on External HDD

-Animal Crossing
-Big Brain Academy
-Brunswick Pro Bowling
-Dream Dance & Cheer
-Ferrari Challange
-Game Party
-Just Dance
-Just Dance 2
-Lego Batman
-Lego Star Wars
-Links Crossbow Training
-M&M's Kart Racing
-Mario Strikers Charged
-Mario Super Sluggers
-Mario Kart Wii
-Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
-Need for Speed Carbon
-Samba DeAmigo
-Spider-Man 3
-SpongeBob's Boating Bash
-Sports Pack for Revolution
-Wii Fit
-Super Monkey Ball Bananna Blitz
-The Price is Right
-Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007
-Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011
-Transformers: The Game
-We Cheer

I also have NetFlix loaded, but you must have a NetFlix account for this to work.

Here is a video I made showing what it can do.

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