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So I think two of my bowl needle are old since last time I took the carb off the top of the valves had fuel puddles building on top. I cleaned the bowls, and see if maybe cleaning the needles would help hoping it was just a dirt spec stuck and keeping fuel coming in. I noticed then that there was a small reservoir leading from the hose top of the carb to a T. I dont have pic but a diagram:

------air route to top of intake
Carb top ----------T
------ reservoir with plug at the end

so this reservoir was built up with fuel and I drained it.
After the cleaning the bike ran fine, with some rough idle but it was much rideable than before. After about maybe 900 miles it started to run like crap again and I just opened up the tank I found out that theres fuel in the small reservoir again!

Does anyone know what this reservoir is for? or what the line leading out of the carb is? Could the problem be coming from the needle in the bowl still?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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