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fuel in my oil post-crash

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smells like gas in my oil after the crash. the bike was on it's side for only about 10 secs but the marks on it would indicate it was actually upside down at one point. 1. is this normal? 2. should i run some new oil and re-drain to make sure it's all out? i also have some seafoam lyin; around if it'll help. 3. would i need to top off the oil if it's just a "cleaning cycle"?, or would a liter or so be fine? and 4. would this be the cause of an engine light? thanks for the help!
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used oil always smells like it has gas in it.
+1 ^^ it's true. If there is indeed fuel in the oil, it'll burn off when the oil gets up to op temps. That said, when my bike goes down with the engine on while moving, I tend to change oil anyway, just for piece of mind.
by the way, if you decide to run it without draining the oil first, just check your air filter and air box after a long ride. If there was fuel in your case, the byproducts should make their way out of the case via the breather hose to the airbox, soothing up your filter.
cool thanks. i've changed my oil a bunch and it has never smelled of fuel as strongly as this. either way, it's changed out and everything seems to be running fine :D
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