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Galfer Wave Rotors are built with a proprietary 420 series high-carbon stainless steel that’s designed to provide powerful, consistent brake performance over a wide range of riding conditions. Unlike some mass-produced brake rotors, these are not stamped from sheets, but rather laser cut to ensure a high-level of precision while at the same time reducing the stress experienced by the rotor during manufacturing. After cutting, they are parallel double disc ground for perfect flatness and long-lasting performance. The most noticeable aspect of these rotors, the patented wave shape - is unmistakable, yet it’s more than just a stylish design trick. In fact, Galfer brake rotors have a wave pattern machined into both the outer and inner edges of the friction surface. In doing so, a much greater area of the disc’s edge is exposed to the atmosphere, thereby allowing more efficient transfer of heat energy from the disc to the environment than would be possible via a conventional disc design. Every Galfer Wave Rotor is attached to a precision-machined aluminum carrier via fully-floating buttons. All of these attributes are designed to provide exceptional cooling characteristics and a superb, consistent feel at the lever.

We have Galfer full-floating Wave Rotors available to fit most late-model sportbikes. All models come with black carriers and, for some of the latest models, we have them with chrome carriers as well.

Galfer Wave Rotors are not yet available on our website. To order a set, call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817. You may also email us with any questions you have – send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with R6 GALFER WAVE ROTORS in the subject line, along with the model and year of the bike you ride, and we’ll get back to you right away.

All Galfer Wave rotors are a direct bolt-on replacement for your motorcycle’s OEM brake rotors.

For the style conscious, we have Galfer rotors available with chrome disc carriers. Availability is extremely limited on these!
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