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So I bought my bike ('05) on Friday and the battery was dead, he hadn't run it since winter so I thought no big deal. I got a battery tender and it fired up for me on Sunday, then last night I went out riding to get a feel for it and I took it over to a friends house by a big empty lot to practice on. Killed it when I pulled into his drive and we talked for a bit, then I went to start it up and got nothing, just the clickin of the starter. We pushed started it, getto as hell but it worked fine for the rest of the night. Never turned it off till I got home. I went out and fired it up later that night, and everything worked fine right away.

Then after work today I went to start it up and get a few more miles under the belt, and again, nothing. Thankfully I've got a sloped driveway, so let her go in neutral and fired it up and clicked to first, started and I've drove it for a bit. Going to let it sit for a bit and see what happens, but I walked into my garage and it stinks of gas... a leak maybe or something I'm doing wrong?

The battery is the original so I'm hoping thats it, but if anyones got any other ideas or something to check let me know.

Thanks guys. :toocool:
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