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Hi All.
Been riding for 27 years and done aound 30,000 track miles mostly on my
CBR400rr riding in Fast, or racing before 1999.
Last year, I decided it was time to upgrade and fancied an R6. My mate who copies me, also decided it was a good move as he had ridden VFR400's for the past 10 years or so on track. We both have ZX6R J models for the road which we have both tracked but not been that impressed as a track bike, though straight line they are quick.
I viewed an R6 in August which I was going to have, then I was taken out at Mallory and I still have a broken leg from then, so missed it. I have since bought a 99 R6 from an Irish road racer, with full ohlins and a mild engine tune.
Been told I have to have another big leg op so have done 2 track days on it. The bike is awesome. I even had my knee down for the 1st time in a couple of years. Colin who owned the bike before was about the same size and weight as me so the suspension set up seems perfect. And its quick.
Kev bought a reasonably high spec 2000 R6 but his seems a bit slower than mine.
Just wish we had bought them a few years earlier
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