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You're gonna make your bike slower if you throw any smaller gears at it! It already doesnt have enough power to pull redline with the stock gearing.

If you go up one or two teeth in the back, you will be able to pull redline, and have a little more bottem end. You won't lose much topend this route. The lower gearing is better acclerating, and more rpm's is gonna = top end gain.

Personally, i think the bikes are geared rediculously high...probably for MPG claims by the manufacturer. I've got 520 chain and sprockets, and am running 15-49 (-1/+1) and with a recallibrated speedo, I top out between 150-160.......and that is still stupid fast! Alot of riding in those speeds will surely shorten you're life.

But, that's just my opinion.
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