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getting used to riding in boots? foot position?

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well for most of my riding life ( only 2years) ive ridden in just regular shoes, until about a week ago when i finally bought my first set of boots, in any case im finding it hard to adjust to riding in them, i think my biggest hang up is im used to having full articulation of my ankle. anyway my question is pretty much when wearing boots what is the proper foot position?
i find myself missing shifts sometimes now :(
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you must have small feet i'm guessing
not really 11.5
it was weird on my r6 at my trackday for my first time but i got used to it and so will you i have a size 10 but on my mv it was pretty weird shifting i still have to get used to it but its better safe then sorry
i deffinately feel more protected, im guessing i just need seat time to break them in/get used to them?
It just takes some time to get used to. I just got boots as well after 2 years as well. Took me about 200km to get used to it, it'll come
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