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what do you guys use for gloves in hot weather? everyone says that your hands usually get torn up the most in a crash, but in the summer my hands sweat so much in my all leather(yamaha race) gloves. i still wear them on longer rides but just going to and from work and stuff i usually wear an old pair of bmx gloves. they have a leather palm but it is not very thick and i dont think it will protect me too much in a crash.
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I have these and I like them quite a bit. Short cuff and vented near your top knuckles. http://www.gericke-usa.com/meshsport_glv.htm . They worked great today considering it was 90+ degrees with a ton of humidity. Hands never sweated at all.
I wear these Rocket Speedmaster's...

Whether i'm going on a long run or going up the street to have a coffee, I wear them. My hands are to important to me to take the chance of not wearing anything. And these things are SO comfy and cool with the venting they have, it's a pleasure wearing them.

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How do the longer cuffs work with your jacket? do they interfer at all?
I have MotoLiberty N2 gloves. They have the high cuffs too. With my Teknic jacket the gloves tuck inside the sleeves. And with my AGV suit the cuffs go over the sleeves.

They are pretty warm in the summer, but thats the price I pay. I never know when I will get the feeling to hit the gas!

I have also added a new image gallery to post saftey gear. So start uploading. :moon
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The sleeves of my jacket (JR Comet) tuck into the gloves perfectly.

Joe Rocket jacket and Joe Rocket gloves (with the high cuffs), The work very well together.
I have these Teknic Violators.

The first short rides i had no problem with it. But when i started to sweat on a long ride (a few hours) the dye came off on my hands a little bit. These are not bad gloves, its a raw leather feel, but a soft feel. They are not the warmest gloves and probably not the best hot weather gloves but they work great at keeping your hands at a suitable temperature. I paid $60 on ebay, its $99 retail. Nice padding and feels safe.

I originally wanted some Deathrage DP04. The company is no more but they feel really comfortable.
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i just picked up some icon gloves a couple of weeks ago and i love them. they are short and have awesome airflow.
These are the ones I wear, they are made of mesh and they have vents on the fingers. the vents are actually functional too. They have a lot of protection but are not too hot. With my helmet and leather jacket, my hands are the coolest part on me.

I wear the JR Meteor gloves with my Phoenix Jacket in really hot weather. I doubt they would hold up in any crash over 35mph, so I try to wear my Teknic Violators as much as possible.

If I keep riding on the street I think I am going to pick up some Held's.

Here is a pic of the JR's:

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i normaly just wear my shift motocross gloves because there lighter and cooler
Unfortunately, if you go down, they wont give you much protection in the knuckle area...
Finally saw some of those ICON Ti-Max gloves in person.

Look like you are some extra that wandered off the set of "Army of Darkness"

Surprised that Harley hasn't tried to get some Motor Company licensed versions of those things. I think that is the bad-ass, tough-guy image all the lawyers and accountants are going for. :roll:
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