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Well i have had my Sixer for about 2 weeks now and I already got one ticket, got cursed out, swerved at, cut off, raced buy cars multiple times, told by an old lady that sportbikes should be outlawed, and hit on more times than I count on two hands. :mrgreen: Mostly today! Now, I have been riding for about a year now on a 2000 GS-500 and have never had this much attention before. Is this normal? I am still learing to control my speed, but there is just so much throttle and oh so tempting.

Anyways, I was just wondering what everybody out there on their Sixer's expierences on a day to day basis.

The Sixer is my only vehicle now. I used to have a 98 Eclipse GSX (too slow) and my girlfriend will soon be buying a new Mercedes C230 Coupe, which I get to drive :cheers Do you guys drive too? If so, what?

Thanks everyone,

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