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Good places to buy fairings?

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I have an 02 r6 with no fairings and was wondering some good sites that sell some. Aftermarket, or stock, doesn't matter i just want some fairings on my bike lol

thanks guys
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eBay and craigslist are your best bet. GL.
Cycletrader.com has some (new/used) parts, and just google R6 parts and see what comes up.
you can get all the plastics on ebay for 350 and up
yeah the prob is almost everything on ebay is blue, i cant find red for anything, i really like the fortuna replica kit but cant find it for very cheap
ebay and check your local craigslist. or even the buy/sell ads here.
If you dont find the color you want on ebay you can repaint it and still save a bunch of money
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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