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Good riding glasses?

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Hey all

I am looking for suggestions for some good glasses that will stay on my face when i turn my head at highway speeds. Right now i have the clear ones that are given away at most bike shops and I have a pair of Oakleys that won't stay on at all. I never really expected the Oakleys to stay on, but I almost lost my clear glasses on the highway the other night.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Why dont you just buy a dark shield visor? And buy a shieldsak for you clear to carry on you..
Wiley X makes great riding glasses. I have 2 pairs of these:http://www.wileyx.com/EcommSuite/Pr...esCode=164&ProductLine=326,BRICK&ItemCode=855

I have light adjusting ones and regular sunglasses. Well worth the money.
They wont fall off if you wear a helmet:fact
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