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Man these things are fookin sweet. I've been wanting to change those things and I finally got around to it.

Good quality product, I was amazed at how well these things worked. I would recomend this upgrade to anyone who is thinking about it. I got the kevlar's because they were the same price as the Stainless ones from parts unlimited so, either way if you do switch them out you won't be disappointed. I havne't really got to test them out yet, for one it rained like hell as soon as I pulled into the garage and two I managed to get hammered while doing the install. :cheers

.....It took us a while, cuz we were having some beers, but we eventually got them on. If you are doing this installation yourself I would definately invest in a brake bleeder. Good investment, will save you lots of time and forearm pumping of the front brake.

I'll post some pics of the new lines this weekend. :cheers
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