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got scared, almost sh*t myself today.

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so i was riding around once again, decided to take on twisties for the first time... on the trip there(away from my location) i took it slow got through just fine was taking them at recommended speed limit posters(25 MPH) on the way back... i figured lemme try to do this a little more "sporty" heh... well i didnt go down... but on two of the turns i got nervous and started telling my self "sh*t im not gonna make it im gonna slide oh crap" it never happened and i made it, but because of that, it made my turn all messed up and wobbly, even paniced and jerked my handle bars a bit makin my rear tire jump...

also, at the end of the twisties there is a 1/2 mile straight away after a stop sign, so i launched at only 3 or 4k rpms, and fully opened the throttle... next thing you know, im doing my first wheelie, unintentional, cant see the road only see my gas tank... i quickly let off the throttle and bike came back down and thank god came down actually quiet smooth(no wobble) but... i had the worst nuts vs gas tank match ever...

thats my story just needed to share

as for you guys, can any1 share any advice with me that will help me with my cornering? i already know the main things like look through the turn and dont look at the ground, try to lean and counter steer i do that but i have this deathly feeling "WHAT IF I WONT PULL IT OFF"
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yea i avoid breaking at all costs unless i have to, and even then i tyr to straighten it out first then brake and i cant do that then i break very lightly
wish i could but chances of my lowsiding at the track are 10x higher :-\ cant really afford to have to redo my bike
would a steering damper go a long way with my turns?
yea i got about 300 :-\ heh still gettin used to the beast

sounds like he has less than 500 miles under his belt

maybe the MSF, and in about 4-5k do a track day.
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