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Gp style exhaust for a 2008 R6S

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Where can I find a short exhaust or GP style for a 2008 R6S? Preferably one that is around $100. My friend got a Jardine one for his 08' Gixxer for i think $80 new but Jardine doesnt make one for my bike.
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i got the graves gp on mine. cost me 150.

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i got the graves gp on mine. cost me 150.

The Graves is bad to the bone but I dont think the offer it for the "S" model. Nor do the offer the Jardine.... or the Racefit... for the "S" model. Oh yeah.... or the hotbodies.

I'd love to see what people come up with. It'll help me as well=)
went to the graves website. They dont have it for the "S" version
To put one of these on a S model would be the same as running on open header. You can make them work for the S model but is not a very good idea.
Ya I really want a shorty for my 05, anything besides a RIOT? I'd love a M4, but if that's like running with open headers I'll go deaf.
put a gytr on it....use the search there has been countless number of threads about shorts exhausts on the S models
do the 06-08 conversion like i did.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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