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gpr v4 leaking already?

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It's been about 6 months maybe and already got a leak coming out of the top side where the knob is. Any of you experienced leaks with these things? And if so what can I do? I was expecting a little longer of a life time from it.
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Mine is leaking too. I just put it to a higher number thats seams to fix it. Is mine on a slow death or does it just have a over pressure valve or something that got rid of extra oil.
I have/had 3 GPR and all of them have problems. In fact one of them is with them for the second time in a month. These will be the last I ever buy. Great costumer service thou
call gpr, if it used to leak but not anymore does, might mean there's nothing to leak anymore and the thing isnt doing the job
I've had mine for about 2 months on my 08 r6 and its leaking out the bottom seal already. I'm calling them tommorow morning and getting a new one sent to me and sending this one back because that is BS.
here is post # 6 from this thread..........

we are only selling the gpr's we have them dropping the product line as half the version 4's we have sold have now leaked oil and gpr only has a 30 day warranty on it. until they get the product so very few have problems we are going to be dropping this product line.
I called them today and they said that all the v4's have had a problem and it was because the company they bought the seals from tried to save a buck and bought seals from china that leak after 5 minutes. They have now switched seal companies to someone that gets seals made in the USA, and will send you a brand new V4 damper free of charge and all you do is put your leaking one in the box and ups will take it back. So for everyone with a V4 just call them the 30 day warranty does not apply because I had mine for 2 months and they didn't even ask they just said yep it should be leaking because of the junk seals we have taken 30,000 back already and more will come back until we get them all replaced with new ones, and sorry for the inconvience.
did they say if the needed a receipt or anything? i didn't keep any paper work for the thing.
nope he just took my name and address and it comes up in the computer even though I had my reciept he didnt ask for anything.
I dont believe any of the statements said above. I just sent mine out a week ago and called them prior to sending it and they said to just ship it out and they will fix it, didnt mention anything about cheap seals or anything. And if the whole seal thing is true, IMO it would be them being cheap not the Chinese........... Keep in mind its the second time I send it. I have spent about $75 in shipping for all 3 dampers. Now thats BS
I dont know man I bought mine on 3/25/08 and it started leaking this past weekend. I called them monday and they said it would ship same day and be here by the end of the week, and I said oh really because I thought the warranty for seals was 30 days and I would have to pay to ship it out to be rebuilt, and thats when he told me about the seal situation and how they are just replacing the units when people call.
Nice lack of quality control they have


Soudns like they are taking care of the situation pretty well if you ask me.
I agree. I'll admit I was BS when I saw oil on my frame and front of my tank, and couldnt wait until monday morning to call them and rip them apart, but to my pleasant surprise I'll have a new one by thursday and won't have to go a day of riding the bike without one, the only inconvience is cleaning up a little oil residue from the bike.
GPR will fix any damper as many times as you wish. You can even send your damper to them during the off season and have them reservice and reseal them for you.
GPR will fix any damper as many times as you wish. You can even send your damper to them during the off season and have them reservice and reseal them for you.
I did not buy a GPR damper to get it fixed as many times as I want........

Either way I got the Ohlins. Whole different world, I likey
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