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I went to the track this past weekend in Grattan, Michigan....and I must say, it was the most fun I've had on my bike, period. I highly reccomend everyone to do a track day. You learn so much, and realize that riding hard on the street is so much more dangerous than you think. I started off the first day in the intermediate class, laying down 1:35's or so after I learned the track. There were 3 wrecks out of the first 4 sessions that caused a premature ending of them. So after talking to one of the control riders/instructor, I moved to the advanced class where I began to learn a lot. At first I was getting passed by some racers that were absolutely blazingly fast compared to me (running mid 1:20's). At the end of day 1, I had a best of 1:29.7.

The second day, we woke up to a bit of rain, which cleared up 2 sessions before lunch. After lunch, I started fixing my weak spots in the track and started doing some passing instead of getting passed. The last 2 sessions, a guy that I went with and I were battling it out with one of the owners of the track day organization. The last session I put down several 1:27's and 1:26's with a best of 1:26.46 (which I was told by some racers and the control riders that I would place top 10 in the WERA novice class with those times). Not too bad for my first time at a track.
I was told by a few racers that I"m out riding my stock suspension and need to get aftermarket internals because my rear tire was peeling(this was a michelin 1800 slick). So I did some tweaking and minimized the issue as best I could. I also need aftermarket rearsets because I was dragging my pegs in several turns.
I'll post pictures from the photographer that was there as soon as he gets them on his site.
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