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Graves carbon slip on

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does anyone have this for their bike and if so pic would be great. I'm thinking of getting one however will it look tacky on a red bike? since everyone who has it the bike is either black or blue.
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I have seen CF on red, and think it still looks good. However, I have a charcoal one.

Click pics to enlarge:

Geez they are huge, lol sorry. If you click it again (in the separate window) as it's loading you can make it fit the screen.
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Thx. I ordered the Mjsperformance race baffle but i dont know when im getting it since i gave him my old address by accident. and i cant locate it. i Believe they are going to send it back to him. anyway i might go with this one looks good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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