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Post up what mods you guys did to your bikes over the winter, and if you are happy or not with them.

I did:
rearsests (still getting use to but happy)
clip-ons (happy)
steering damper (happy)
powercommander (noticable difference, happy)

Lets see what us R6 riders are investing in for our rides.

Are you 08 owners starting to find some more aftermarket parts?

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Full Exhaust
520 Conversion
AIS Removal
GP Shift
SS Lines
And a trackday

Love them all and cant wait for more, i only have rearsets and real suspension to go then i am done with mine.

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I did wave rotors and Rizoma front signals. Happy with both.

Love the look of the Rizoma signals, I wanted something a little more visable than flush mounts.

Final verdict on the rotors will come after I try them with newer higher temp brake fluid, I had some fade at a track day last week but I think it was the fluid and not the cooling of the rotors. The bite on the rotors is great.

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I sold the 02 and bought the 04... Best mod I have done so far!!!

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already installed on bike over teh winter...
-vortex 520 conversion with gold RK520XSO chain
-GPR v4 steering stabilizer
-BMC air filter
-Gilles tooling rearsets

should be in next week and installed soon after...
-stainless braided lines/ new pads
-greggs customs flushmounts
-2007 r6 front brake calipers-already have just waiting on brake lines for install

best mods so far are the GPR,520 conversion and then rearsets.

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Nothing...too poor lol

Only thing i ordered for the bike lately was a V4 Speedohealer

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I wouldn't call them winter mods, but i just ordered a GYTR Slip On, PMW Mid-Muffler Eliminator, and PCIII. Next will Be a new Air Filter and 520 Conv.

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Repainted Championship White
520 Conversion
Velocity Stacks
BMC Street filter
removed AIS, added Smog plates
DB Dark Smoke Windscreen
Speedo-Healer V4
Power Commander 3

Hyperpro Steering dampener and Wave Front and Rear Rotors should be in this next week as well as a dyno tune @ EDR and suspension setup @ GP Suspension

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Graves Fender Eliminator
Greggs Flushies
Integrated Taillight
Shogun Crash Kit
Paint Matched Mirror Plates
Left bar end mirror
Rear Race stand... does that count?


Suspension dialed in... almost (only 20mm of rear sag with stock spring) :(
New Eibach rear spring next week

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winter mods....... when its too cold to ride, piss away some money and work on it!!!!

febuary 2008 i installed...........
  • quick turn throttle mod (WOT with a flick of the wrist) - the f-ing sh!t. i love it!!!!!!!
  • factory pro v stax - happy
  • shorty Pazzo Racing Levers - f-ing sick levers, love em
  • driven grips (skull print) - love em
  • Zero Gravity Black Smoked wind screen replacement - my buddy broke it while helping me work on it.

technically before winter, but in the beginning of october 2007 i installed.........

  • Vortex black 520 sprockets 15 front (-1), 50 rear (+2) and black 520 chain - big differance, best mod for the money
  • BMC Race filter very nice, big diff from k&n
  • Yoshimura headers and mid pipe waist of money, when i took my stock ones off they were the exact same, straight pipes. no restrictions, cat or anything. they say yamaha on them, i guess there stock?
  • DynoJet Power Commander III USB - big help
  • black GPR stabilizer - f-ing awsome, i love this one!!

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new paint: house of kolors diamond metallic black with a red candy
pazzo levers
galfer SS brake lines
solo seat cowl
8k hid's
gpr damper
puig db
mirror block off plates
integrated tail light
sato rear sets with gp shift
stomp grips/tank pad
micron high mount
k&n filter
and probably a couple other things im forgetting.

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new paint: house of kolors diamond metallic black with a red candy
that gota be nasty looken!!!!:YEA post pics of that!!!

house of kolors is awsome and i love candy paint especialy red!!!! that must look sick!

i think that if any one has done visual mods like that over the winter and you have pics def post em up!!!!!

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Sold my gixxer and picked up an 08 Raven. BEST mod thus far

Solo seat
Sato Rearsets
Tank Pad
Had suspension adjusted to my weight

Full Exhaust and PCIII
Wave Rotors
SS Brake Lines

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What I have done to my 08.

Stomp Grip Pads
Solo Cowl ----- Still waiting on
Fender Elminator
Black Rearset
Black keyless Gas Cap
Comfort Seat
Black Axle Adjusters ----Not on the bike yet
GYTR High flow air filter
Galfer Brake Lines ---- Not installed yet, may sell.
Vortex Sprocket Conversion
Light N' Bolts
Bar Ends
Headlight Mesh
R6 Tank Pad
Graves Spools
Flush Smoked Front Signals
Frame plugs
Cox Radiator Grill
HID headlight conversion
Black levers
CA Smoked Tail Light
Puig Race Screen
Graves Slip-On
Graves Frame Sliders
Scotts Steering Damper

Other than the things that I am still waiting on or that are not installed on the bike, and the keyless gas cap everything is great. The gas cap is just hard to open sometimes. I also picked up a second set of black rims for now, but I am looking at some aftermarket gold rims, and a full exhaust for my next mods.
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