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Why would not taking off the old paint result in a bad job?
When i'm painting, it's great to have the old paint there as a base... unless it's all cracked up and shit... What's the matter with the paint job the owner put on it? Is it full of dirt?
DON'T go at it with paint stripper! Sand it down till all the pebble(roughness) is gone... you know this when the gloss is totally off the old finish... Strip off the decal... a hair dryer will help with this process...
Go to your local Auto store and get some Urethane a couple of quarts will be plenty to do bike plastic... get the proper hardener and thinner for it... they will tell you the right stuff to use... I reccommend Dupont or PPG or some other brand name paint...
After you have it all sanded, you'll likely start with a 220 grit sand paper and work your way up to 400...
Next take your paint and plastic to a local body shop... they won't charge you very much to just paint the plastic. You've done all the work. It's the prep work that makes professional spray jobs so much money... and!! It will be sweet when it's done! The chances of you getting a factory job yourself is very slim... Not trying to sound like a prick or anything... it's just the truth... To get the factory finish you should be looking for take professional spray booths.
Just something to think about...

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