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Hauling a Bike in a Truck

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I'm driving tomorrow to Tulsa Oklahoma from Dallas, TX to pick up my new 07 R6. I just bought a truck a week ago and its my first truck and will also be my first time hauling something in the back. I bought tie downs but I'm just curious if there is anything in particular I should know about loading, strapping hauling, and unloading a bike in the truck.

The truck is a 99 Ford ranger. 4 cyclinder, but I'm sure it'll do just fine hauling just a bike.
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yeah, i had a 2004 SRT-10 pickup. and i went to go pick up my 2007 R6 from the dealer, they strapped it down and it fell over 1mile from the dealer. dented my truck and put a small knick on my bike. pissed me off. hope you have better luck than i did!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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