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From MotoGP.com

Nicky Hayden justified Honda´s bowing to his pneumatic valve engine lobbying with the second fastest Friday time.

The staunchest supporter of the pneumatic valve engine within the Repsol Honda ranks, Nicky Hayden´s requests for the usage of the new motor were finally granted in practice for the bwin.com British Grand Prix. The American promptly justified the gamble by recording the second fastest time of the Friday sessions, leaving Hayden content with the switch.

`There´s certainly a bit of work to be done; I´ve been wanting to use this engine for a while and they´ve told me that I need to be in the top three or four to use it, so it was a good feeling to able to do that,´ said the 2006 MotoGP World Champion, the only Honda rider using the engine this weekend.

His title defending year a write-off for all intents and purposes, a continuation of 2007 form holds little attraction for Hayden, who pushed hard to convince Honda to let him loose on the previously withdrawn power source.

`Last year´s engine I couldn´t really ride, and this year I wasn´t really going anywhere with it either. So we needed to make a change. People on the team and HRC thought that it wasn´t the time, but I had to try something,´ he reiterated, before explaining how the current version of the RC212V better suits his `pick up and grab´ style.

`It´s more fun being up towards the front, and the fact that instead of guys getting away on the straight we can stick with them. It hits harder and it´s a little more aggressive, but I kind of like that! It´s not easier to ride, but I don´t need something easier, I need something faster.´

Hayden will be using the pneumatic valve engine throughout the weekend in Donington, including a race baptism for the motor on Sunday afternoon.

Honda finally heeds. I know Hayden is a way better rider and I'm glad to hear he is finally at the sharp end. I hope he maintains this form and prove Honda for all the times they took him for granted.

MotoGP weekend!!!!!!!! woooohooo!!!
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