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Headlight Assembly Mod

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Hey everyone - I haven’t posted here in years. Actually had to sign up again since it’s been so long, lol.

I had a 2001 R6 and since 2011 have had the candy red/raven skull edition. It only has 9k miles and looks new.

Anyway, on to the reason for my post. I was one of the first to get a BK Moto kit from Boris and then post a review on here. I had 2 white halos, red demon eyes, and projectors/HIDs. The halos were CCFLs.

I say “were” because few weeks ago, an older woman backed into my pristine baby while it was parked at the gym and knocked it over. I watched the whole thing go down but was unable to stop it.

My headlight assembly was damaged, although all of my lights still worked. Because it was so much work to do it, I opted for a pre-made one on Amazon to replace it. It’s well made and I confirmed all are working - blue angel, red demon, and 6k HIDs.

Unfortunately, the guy who makes and sells them doesn’t even own a bike, so he doesn’t know how to install.

I drew a diagram of how I “think” it should be wired but would love some feedback/opinions. I did this based on the BK Moto videos and how I think my old original one was wired. The switch is for the HIDs so I can keep them off. I also may want to add a switch for the demon eyes this time as these are really bright, in case I get hassled by the police.

Does this look right?
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Thanks in advance!!
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On my bikes, I've sacrificed the high-beam to run both headlamps all the time; the high-beam I aimed low.
(top portion of high beam housing was masked off with automotive wrap until I realized the lense wouldn't fully adjust because I popped something loose internally -- corrected then didn't need the masking)

Depending on amount of power draw I'd consider wiring the angel halo/DRL to the running light circuit that activates with a turn of the key.
What is the amp draw ?

The Demon can then be tied to the add-on switch you mentioned.

The HIDs relay I'd put on the high-beam switch.

Whatever the existing wiring isn't designed to handle, of course has to be relayed on its own wiring.
I don't see any fuses in the diagram but I assume you have them?

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Wiring is based on how the 2nd-Gen lights are wired up.
The ECU doesn't activate the low beam relay until the engine starts.
The high beam relay is behind the high beam switch; the switch itself is powered by the low beam relay.

Diagram is obviously pretty crude an imprecise; not showing actual wiring for relays and grounding.
I can do a precise diagram upon request. That was just the quick version to communicate the basic idea.
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I ended up hooking it up like my drawing, except I substituted my single harness for the 2 harnesses, and it all worked as desired. Now I just need to throw a switch on the demon eye, which will be simple, and I’ll be all set.
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In case this is useful to anyone - here is my final wiring hookup that works as desired. I ended up adding a switch to my demon eyes and a switch to my angel eyes - just in case I get hassled. So, 3 switches in total.


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