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Headlights and Fender eliminating...

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Headlights... how can I make my headlights brighter (ultrabright)?

Fender eliminator... have any of you guys tried that kit from vfx.com? Does it work, and is it a reputable, good kit? It looks cool...

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Here is a way to have blinding bright lights in about 2 minutes without spending money!!!!
I learned this after I lowered my bike, because the drop in the rear shot my headlamp up a little more. My boyfriend, who usually rides in front of me, said that the light was DAMN bright!!! He says it also flickers in color from all of the reflection going on in those bulbs. He says it looked really cool. We had to adjust them down a little bit, because at night, everyone thought I had my brights on. So now they are back to normal.
Anyway, look in your manual for the screw you turn to pull your lights up, and that will make a big difference!!!
We always ride around during the day with our brights on, so that everyone can see us--had to throw in the safety tip. :mrgreen:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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