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My 600RR headbangs
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Size: 58/48
40% Kangaroo leather, definitely tell the difference in comfort and weight compared to cowhide.
Titanium protectors
Armor all over including tailbone and special forearm sliders.
Two Piece with 360 zipper.
Typical Held quality
Worn 5-6 times only
The ventilated external armor is a dream in warm weather.

$820 shipped to your door, retailed for $1450.


IMG_20160505_075331 by SurgeRR, on Flickr

IMG_20160505_075532 by SurgeRR, on Flickr

IMG_20160505_075340 by SurgeRR, on Flickr

IMG_20160505_075349 by SurgeRR, on Flickr

IMG_20160505_075456 by SurgeRR, on Flickr

An example of the suit put together:

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