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well. im interested in buying a bike. the only experience i have is the two weeks of dicking around in a 250cc, in pakistan when i was 13. they dont have any laws there, so me and my cousin would take this bike out. now i dont have the money to buy a cheap one and then a R6. and i was thinking maybe i can get a R6. im really carefull. but ppl tell me its not me that i should be worried about. its more the bike and my lack of experience. is there anyway i can get that for my first bike and not kill myself. i have a friend who has been riding for a year. and his first bike was a r6. he said he was really carefull. and would take the bike out late at night and get used to it. with out traffic.

i have a car already so it does not matter. its a Impreza WRX modded. and i raced a gxr 750 and was infront untill about 75mph. then he pulled bad but thats another story.

any feedback will be thankfull.
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I got the 2001 r6 as my first bike. I did not have any experience on a motorcycle at all. So it can be done. I would not do it again.

As for the comment abhout not having the money to by a used, then get a new, if you do it right there will not be a problem. All you need to do is buy a bike for aboout $2500-$3000. Ride it for a year or so and sell it for $2500 whe you are done and get the R6. As long as you don't mess up the bike too bad, you shouldn't lose money. I would suggest a Kawasaki EX 500, Honda F3, Suzuki GS500 or if you can find it a Yamaha FZR400 or 600. All of those bikes are a little older, but still have the crotch rocket look with OK power. And will hold the value pretty well.

Might as well go for the r6 and how about seeing a few pics of your wrx
Don't go out and try to top it out, or do wheelies/stoppies, or race cars/bikes and you will do fine on just about any bike. Take a Motorcycle Safter Course first.
HEY! I have the perfect answer... I'm a beginner. Trained on a 250 cruiser Suzuki, and it was old to top it off. My first bike... none other than an '03 R6.

You'll be fine... just be careful, respect it's power and RULE NUMERO UNO... NEVER, EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE BIKE! Because when you do, and when you don't respect it (as in the time I showed off and almost die, no joke) you will get hurt, or die... as I almost did. Other than that. But a new one, and then you won't want to dick around b/c if you do screw it up, you'll kill yourself, lol... at least I would.

My II cents...

P.S. Oh yeah, I agree with DJ, take the FREAKIN COURSE! It has saved my life more times than I can count. Not by close calls per se (even though yes, once or twice), but just for the simple fact that I know what to do, and what NOT to do. And get some clothing with some white in it for goodness sake (or a lid)... it'll save your life at night! Take the class though, best thing I've ever done. I passed perfectly, written and riding.
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man thats sounds cool. u guys are really cool also. the only problem is the moms. how can i get a bike. she really doesn't want me to. she tells me that i should not. and thats it. she really doesn't care cause she cant prevent it. but she just keeps telling me i shouldn't. anyone ever had that problem and how did u get over it????
I just went out and bought the thing. Taught myself that night when I got off work. If your over 18 there is nothing she can do but kick you out the house. Put please take the beginner course if anything else to learn the basics. My first bike was an f4 then in 01 I bought the 929. My girlfriend is learning on her 03 R6. The 600 of today are way different from those of yesterday.

Give her all the good reasons of owning a bike...

1. Gas mileage
2. Takes miles of your car
3. Cheap (well, technically) to buy, and maintain
4. Cheaper than a car in the long run (technically again also)

And these are optional...

5. Gets you the girls...
6. Fun as all get out (while still being cheap)
7. Safe in relative terms
8. Safer than a cruiser (performance-wise, in what you can "get out of")
9. Good use of time
10. Take your mom a ride (???, lol)

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