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Howzit guys/gals :D

Let's get straight to business:

I just got my 2002 red, white and black R6 a couple months ago. 'Been on these forums for a while also, just never posted till today. Good resources here! So, this is the first bike I have owned, I took the basic rider's training course at a local community college. It is the last year of the carburated versions, I get 45 mpg, and pretty much everything on it is stock. It is a GREAT bike that I have HUGE respect for while riding.

Above are a few pictures of the bike that I have high pride in:toocool:. I got the right time of evening to shoot, and got some good angles, I think. You can also see that I got a Shoei RF-1000 helmet to match. Love the helmet. I had to get one with the "wing" with ventilation, in the back :yes

'Changed the sprocket and chain right off the bat with a brand new OEM stuff from ebay. However, now I have a leak coming from the left side of the top of the coil cover where there is a grommet with two wires. It seems as though the "Yamaha Bond" or gasket sealer was applied poorly. There is leaking only when the bike is revving high, and even then there is only a few drops that leak out onto my boot after a 20 mile ride. Suggestions?

Anyways, I look forward to your comments and suggestions an salutations...


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