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HELP buying jacket tommorow!

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Im ordering the Joe Rocket Blaster 3.0 Leather jacket today or tommorow, depending on how quickly people respond

I'm 19 years old, 6'0 160lbs with an athletic build. I just measured my chest with a tape measurer and got around 39 inches, but I tried on a jacket today and seemed to fit tightly into a 44. The sizes on the Blaster3.0 range from 42-50, and I don't know what to get!!!! People suggest with this jacket ordering a size up...
Any similar body types here? Lead me in the right direction please!!
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try your best to get a tight fitting jacket, there's nothing more annoying than riding with wind drag. if this is your first jacket, it should feel snug. make sure the shoulder/elbow protectors are tight fitting and don't move around. other than that, the JRB 3 is a nice jacket. good luck.
I'm leaning towards the 44, but I'd like some feedback from people with similar body types first to be sure :fact
jackets fit everyone differently. also, brands fit the same person differently. try on the larger size if possible - then order it. if you're debating between 2 sizes, go smaller. we can't tell you what size u are, esp bc we've never even seen u :*tongue

also remember that leather will stretch a little...
What jacket did you try on?
I tried on an ICON (cant remember what it was exactly, marked at $350) in a 44 and it fit snugly. I was going to buy this until I came across the Blaster3.0 for such a great price online.
I have three Icon jackets and I love them! They are cut a little roomier than most other brands as far as the waist and sleeves go. That's why I like them.

If the Icon in 44 fits snug, I would go with one size larger in Joe Rocket (46). The Blaster seems like a sport/racing jacket and will most likey be cut to fit snugly. But I wouldn't not go any smaller than 44.

Did you try on the Icon with the liner and padding in?

IMO - I'd just go with the ICON. Unless the blaster 3 is like $hundreds$ cheaper. I shopped for the longest time to find a nice inexpensive jacket and JR was the cheapest around but I never liked the quality and fit. I tried on a friend's ICON and was instantly impressed with the quality and fit. So I spent a little more money to get one and have become ICON loyal eversince. So much so, I bought two more.
yeah it is hundreds cheaper and I like it more than the ICON because of the mesh on both sides of the torso for good ventilation, since I will be riding in mostly 80/90 degree weather
any1 out there with a similar body type!?! haha I'm going to order within the next few hours...
I'm going to buy the yamaha branded Joe rocket Mesh for the summer. The one I have now is to big, make sure it fits snug.
looked at the charts...
44 chest, 38 waist, 34 arm
42 chest, 34 waist, 33 arm

I have a 34 waist but long arms (34) so I just went with the 44, bought it now and if I need a smaller one I'll go with the 42
Your best bet would be to go to a local store with the brands of jackets you're thinking of getting, and then trying them on. Icon & Joe Rocket will fit a little more loose than brands like Alpinestars, Teknic, etc...

As everyone said, your jacket SHOULD be snug, but not to the point where you can hardly raise your arms.

Remember to wear what you would normally wear on the bike (t-shirt, maybe) when you're trying the jacket on... and take into account the liner that is in the jacket.
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