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2007 r6

I'm trying to identify the blue wire that runs from the pcm that the power commander taps. I would like to know where this wire runs to exactly if possible. I used the wire tap supplied with the power commander and it kept coming loose and the bike wouldn't start. After that I did it the right way and soldered it. The bike ran fine, no more problems for hundreds of miles until for no reason the power commander gave up. I shipped it back to dynojet (new one on its way) and soldered the blue wire so it is back to stock so I can keep riding while I wait. No problems with any of that, but thats the story.

My problem is the blue wire is so short that I can't possibly cut it and solder it all together again when the warranty replacement arrives. I've loosened up the loom and all the tape and everything and I still can't seem to get the length I need out of the blue wire. I would like to run a NEW wire from the PCM to wherever the blue wire goes. It would make my life a lot easier!

I should also mention that I have re pinned pcm's and done a lot of electronics and soldering in the past on other projects so I'm handy enough to handle it...I just need pointed in the right direction :)

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