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Help in Gear Selection

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Well I'll hopefully be getting an R6 around this summer (Blue/White) so I'll be picking out my gear according to that color even though it will not match my bike but don't feel like wasting more $ then. But just looking for suggestions for gear listed price range. Thanks.

Helmet: Would like to stay under or around $200

Gloves: Something nice, preferably around $80 or less

Jacket: $150 or so. +/- $20

Pants $100-120

Boots: $100-$130

Honestly I'm not stuck to those price ranges, but let me know what you'd recommend in terms of gear you might be using now and how you'd rate it, more looking for nice gear then stuff limited to the price ranges I listed.

Thanks in advance.
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Check out
Where I got my gear. Saved 150+ over the local stealership on a full set of gear - lid, jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. (all Icon BTW)

I recommend - no STRONGLY recommend INVESTING in a good lid. How much is your brain worth?
go somewhere who carries the gear you're looking at buying online and make sure you know what size to order before you get into return shipping costs, and wasting 2 weeks waiting for them to re-send the actual stuff you need. you will have no problem finding acceptable gear with those price ranges.
If you have a $200 dollar head, then buy a $200 helmet. I personally am waiting for the million dollar helmet to get for myself. I would try my stuff on first and then go to ebay and see what I can find. If you stay under $200 for a helmet I would get an Icon. Shoei and Arai are the only way to go in my opinion. (I have a Shoei RF-1000)
Jacket - I got Alpinestar TZ-1 $280. The leather is kinda stiff
Helmet - $380 for Shoei RF-1000. I think my head is worth more than 200
Gloves - First pair Icons short $100 IMO POS. Now i have Alpinestars SP-1 $90 PIMP
Boots - Lugz $50
Pants - TBA

thats my list of gears and pricing.

my gear list
Helmet: Arai, Suomy, Shoei, Vemar, AGV
Jacket/Gloves: Alpinestars, Joe Rocket, Tecnaki
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